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“Dental art” in ceramics

When it comes to beautiful teeth, aesthetic dentistry now offers a nearly unlimited array of options.

Ceramic veneers for beautiful front teeth

Veneer praperation
Veneer praperation

Discoloured, twisted or splinter teeth in the front (anterior) region can be corrected with veneers, preserving the natural teeth and restoring the original optics– or better. Veneers are very thin, translucent ceramic shells that match the natural tooth shade which are affixed to the prepared tooth much like an artificial fingernail. Natural tooth substance is protected with this treatment option. A special dental adhesive ensures that the veneers stay safely on the dental enamel.

Proven, aesthetic, biocompatible

Veneer restoration
Veneer restoration

Anterior ceramic veneers are a beautiful and natural-looking solution. Ceramic inlays are adapted in shade and shape to the natural tooth, making them invisible in the mouth. Veneers are custom precision restorations.

Ceramic veneers – a valuable investment

Contrary to the popular adage, the best things in life are not free – whether it is a holiday, a new outfit, a hobby or your favourite car. Ceramic veneers are a very valuable type of restoration, not paid for by German statutory health insurance (“gesetzliche Krankenkasse“). It is up to you to decide how much your radiant smile is worth to you.

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