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relaxation splints NTI-tss

relaxation splints NTI-tss
relaxation splints NTI-tss

When you wake up, do you feel fabulous?
Or do you suffer from ...

  • aching jaw joints?
  • aching and sensitive teeth?
  • a stiff and painful neck ?
  • frequent toothaches ?
  • difficulties or limitations opening your mouth?
  • tension type headaches?
  • migraine headaches?
  • ...

relaxation splints NTI-tss

relaxation splints NTI-tss
relaxation splints NTI-tss

What is the NTI-tss ?

T he NTI-tss* is a small removable dental device, which your dentist will customize to comfortably fit over your front teeth.
A regularly worn NTI-tss (generally nighttime only) significantly reduces the intensity of unvoluntary tooth clenching, which in many cases is at the origin or at least contrubuting to the previously mentioned signs and symptoms.

Of course, the NTI-tss has been proven to be efficient and safe in multiple clinical studies and has received the US-American Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) approval to be marketed. Since its first commercialisation approx. 10 years ago more than 4 million patients worldwide have been successfully treated with the NTI-tss.

Despite the larger effort required to fit and maintain traditional treatment methods, they often deliver unsatisfactory results over time, and in many can only pervent further tooth wear. The NTI-tss, on the other hand, efficiently reduces the very clenching capacity of the masticatory muscles, which in turn eliminates the origin of the symptoms and will, in many cases, lead to a reduction of pain and symptoms within a few days only.

Please note

Please note that this website and our brochures can only give a first indication on how the NTI works, and that only your dentist or other qualified physician can, based on a thorough examination, establish, whether a treatment with the NTI-tss is indicated and promising for your specific case.

* The product name "NTI-tss" stands for Nociceptive Trigeminal Inhibition - Tension Suppression System and refers to the so called "mouth opening reflex". the protective NTI reflex automatically provokes a mouth opening whenever our comparatively fragile front teeth (as oppsoed to the very resistant canine and molar teeth) by accident hit a object, that is too hard fro them to break and might damage them. It does so by reducing the very capacity of the muscles elevating the mandible. These very powerful muscles, which can easily be felt in your cheeks and especially on your temples, are thereby relaxed and pain and other symptoms associated with their unvoluntary and pathological contraction can be reduced or even disappear entirely.

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