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Immaculate teeth through aesthetic tooth corrections

Dental cosmetics and aesthetics

Dental cosmetics and aesthetics
Dental cosmetics and aesthetics

Broken tooth edges, teeth that are too short or unfavourably tilted are no longer something you simply have to accept. Deficiencies of this kind can now be repaired perfectly using special dental resins and ceramic materials.

In the process, materials closely matched to the natural dentition are applied to the slightly roughened teeth. Your teeth are restored to the shade and shape they once had or should have had, and you and everyone around you will be rewarded with a radiant smile. Dental materials today are so good that their shade and shape remains stable for many years.

Natural tooth substance is protected

The more natural tooth substance that can be preserved through dental restorations, the better. This procedure for tooth correction affords the best possible protection for your natural teeth. Tooth corrections of this kind are often the first step of dental rehabilitation.

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